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For the Love of Success. Achieving the Impossible Dream.

Author: Yermi Kurkus

In this book you will read the story about the challenges in finding true love and how the lessons learned from that can be applied to any part in your life.

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“Making Your Story Valuable One Word at a Time.”


Kidney Trail Press was started out as a blog in 2020 called Kidney Trails. In 2021 Founder Anthony (Ant) Reed decide to start a publishing company that would give induvial that have had to face challenges in their life such as renal dieses an opportunity to put their story and the lessons that were learned to paper. If you would like chat with a Kidney Trail Press Team Member about publishing your book fill out the form below.

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” Making Your Story Valuable One at a Time.” Kidney Trails Press is .. A publishing company that brings value to your story by.. Sharing your lessons with the world… Making you the teacher and your readers the students… Investing in your full potential…